Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Curse of Frankenstein

In the 1950s a Brittish film company decided to remake many of the famous monsters from the classic Universal era. What we got was an updated, and often times more shocking version of the creatures.

The Curse of Frankenstein was the first film that Hammer put out about Victor Frankenstein and his exploits. The Hammer films are classics, and if you enjoy monster flicks, then these are must sees.

Peter Cushing stars as Frankenstein, and he would later go on to play Dr. Helsing.

Terence Fisher

Jimmy Sangster
Mary Shelley

Hammer Productions

Christopher Lee........The Monster
Peter Cushing...........Victor Frankenstein
Hazel Court..............Elizabeth
Valeri Gaunt.......Justine
Robert Urquhart..Paul Krempe

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