Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here is Django. If you're a fan of Leone's "Dollar Trilogy," then this will look very familiar to you. Again Akira Kurosawa was ripped off by the Italians! Basically, the story revolves around Django, played by Franco Nero who you may remember from Enter the Ninja, as he arrives in town and is caught between two rival forces.

I will say that Nero is no Eastwood, but the character is pretty cool, and he does a good job with it. For any fan of (spaghetti) Westerns, this should be enjoyable.

Sig. Brismee Esq. presents...Django

Sergio Corbucci

Sergio Corbucci
Bruno Corbucci
Jose Gutierrez Maesso
Franco Rossetti
Piero Vivarelli

B.R.C. Produzioni

Franco Nero............Django
Jose Bodalo.............General Hugo Rodriguez
Loredana Nusciak.....Maria
Eduardo Fajardo.......Major Jackson

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