Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scars of Dracula

Scars of Dracula is a different type of Dracula from what we have seen the previous sequels. He is back to a more intelligent human form in this one. He caries on conversations, and is able to blend in with society. Another difference, is his supernatural abilities that were excluded in the previous films. This is a good movie, and we have a return of Klove from Dracula: Prince of Darkness.

As always...enjoy.

Roy Ward Baker

Anthony Hinds
Bram Stoker

Hammer Productions

Christopher Lee..........Count Dracula

Patrick Troughton.......Klove
Dennis Waterman.......Simon Carlson
Jenny Hanley.............Sarah Framsen
Christopher Matthews..Paul Carlson

(The quality isn't the greatest, but it's free)

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