Monday, September 20, 2010

The Devil's Nightmare

The Devil's Nightmare is a Belgium/Italian production staring Erika Blanc as Lisa Muller. Seven tourists are forced to seek shelter for the night after they miss their ferry. They find that arrangements had been made for them to stay in Baron von Rhoneberg's Gothic castle. Little do they know that another guest will arrive to keep things interesting throughout the night.

This is a decent enough movie to watch, and I don't think that you'll be too bored with it. This is b-grade euro-horror, though there isn't a ton of gore like most euro-horror films of the era.

Jean Brismee

Jean Brismee
Pierre-Claude Garnier

Cetelci, Delfino Film

Erika Blanc............Lisa Mueller/Succubus
Jean Servais..........Baron Von Rhoneberg
Jacques Monseau...Father Alvin Sorel
Ivana Novak..........Corinne
Daniel Emilfork........Satan

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